Getting ready for another amazing field season!

Contemplating the data collectionHello everyone!  My name is Andrew Agha and I’m the Principal Investigator and field director of the Lord Ashley Site. I’ve been very lucky to get a chance to work on this beyond important site. This year we’ll be intensifying our research into early diet among the inhabitants of this fortified settlement. We plan to collect several different soil samples to reveal what was being grown, what was being eaten, and even what was being cooked and served in some of the pottery we’ll find!  This field season will be very exciting!  I’ll be posting on here to keep everyone up to date with the way the field work is going, what we’ve been finding, and what the top discoveries are.

Over the weekend we performed Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to see what’s below ground before we dig. While the GPR doesn’t show artifacts, it does show the pits, postholes, trenches, and other features that people in the Dr. Marcoux pushing the GPR; Andrew setting markers on the baselinepast created. If someone dug a hole to set in a post for a house, that hole in the ground will still show up, even after 300 years, when we dig our excavation units. It will be a dark square or circle, and if it has datable artifacts in it when we excavate it, we can date the feature. This can help us date the buildings we find. We’re thankful for our colleague and long time friend Dr. Jon Marcoux for assisting in the GPR work!!

Stay tuned for more updates!  We’ll be prepping the site in the next few days to get everything ready for the students to start breaking ground first thing Monday morning.

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