Opening Day!

The Lord Ashley excavations for 2013 started this morning!  College of Charleston students laid out four units for exploration.  The locations for these squares were selected based what was found by archaeologists in 2009 anLA dig 1d 2011 and based on the questions that remain.

One new unit was located near the previously uncovered 17th century brick foundation.  We hope this unit will shed more light upon the overall dimensions of the brick foundation.  This could be really helpful in determining the buildings’ function.

The location of another unit was selected because previous excavations nearby turned up large quantities of deft ceramics and pipe stems.  Artifacts such as these can speak to us about site use and activity as well.

A third unit was located to help us confirm the location of the moat and palisade that once enclosed the settlement.  In 2012, archaeologists Dr. Jon Marcoux and Andrew Agha surveyed the Lord Ashley site using a magnetometer (more about this technology later) and found the possible outline of the early palisade.  The only way to positively identify this palisade is through excavation.

The fourth unit was located to further explore a feature that was encountered near the end of our field school in 2011.  Soil stains and some preliminary excavation revealed what appears to be a deep deposit of some kind.   Was this a cellar for another structure?

Stay tuned–


About Katherine Pemberton

Katherine Pemberton is Manager of Research & Education for Historic Charleston Foundation. Her primary interests are archaeology and the history of colonial South Carolina. She is co-chair of the Mayor's Walled City Task Force which focuses on the early fortifications of Charles Town- the only English walled city in North America.
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One Response to Opening Day!

  1. Mateo says:

    Jon is down in your neck of the woods digging as we speak! Or at least he was earlier in the day. :–)

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