Day 2…and rain

After opening four, 5×5′ foot units, and making great progress on day 1 (a day usually full of setting in new units, getting equipment and tools in order, doing work with a surveyor’s transit, etc.), the big thunderstorms last night gave us a little too much water!  Some units got too much water and we couldn’t continue them today. Even though we cover up each unit with plastic sheeting to help trap and keep water out, the water seeped in underneath.  There are a few other really interesting spots in the site that we didn’t dig units at in 2011, and these areas might have evidence of other outbuildings or servants’ quarters. These areas also provided drier ground to open up, and we may be finding things we haven’t found yet! The students are really into this site and are as excited as we are to be working on one of the earliest British colonial sites we’ve ever studied in South Carolina.

Today we identified possible evidence of a wall of a building; further digging tomorrow should reveal what it once was.  Everyone wish us drier conditions so we can learn more!

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