Talk tomorrow night!

Hello once again trusted Lord Ashley followers!  It’s been too busy of a summer and updates on what’s going on with the project have been taking a back burner for the time being.  We’re slowly beginning the lab work phase and now that school is back in session, students will be helping process everything we found in June.  We have begun to send soil samples to our analysts for special studies, where we hope to find evidence of preserved pollen grains and other plant remains. These remains will tell us of what the colonists ate at the settlement during the 10 years they lived there.  I’m also working on beginning another round or historical research, hoping to look at things that haven’t been paid attention to in many years, and also taking a new look at things we’ve found before with the thought that things more pertient will pop up and show themselves in light of the work at St. Giles Kussoe.

Tomorrow at Founder’s Hall in Charles Towne Landing, I’ll be giving a free talk at 6:30pm. I’ll be reviewing the work we’ve done to date and highlighting the new discoveries made this summer.  I’ll also be discussing the ways the Lord Ashley site and its artifacts, history and people related directly to Charles Towne, and also how they were different in setting, goals and end results. Both places faded away in the 1680s and became something else entirely; my work at both places touches on these changes.

I’m so excited to share what we’ve all worked so hard to accomplish these last four years!  And, the work is nowhere near close to being done, as so much more analysis and studies need to be completed this year and next.  Adding the archaeology and history of Charles Towne Landing into the mix as a primary comparative site adds new dimensions into the interpretations of these two, completely amazing historical resources.  I hope to see everyone tomorrow night!  A wine and cheese reception will follow the talk, so hang out and ask questions!  I’ll have some artifacts from Lord Ashley site and Charles Towne Landing to show off too. Thanks everyone!


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  1. Suzannah Fleming says:

    I am fascinated to hear about your work in Carolina and shall from now on avidly consult any new posts! Several years ago I was commissioned by English Heritage to carry out research into the historical development of the park and garden and estate landscape at Wimborne St. Giles in Dorset, the seat of the Earls of Shaftesbury. This coincided with an archaeological investigation of the same also commissioned by English Heritage. Last year I presented a paper at Nuremberg in Germany at a three-day conference on the 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury organised by the research team of The Shaftesbury Project at the Friedrich-Alexander University. The same organisers are now planning another conference to be held in the summer of 2015 to be hosted at Wimborne St. Giles. You may be interested to hear the theme of this upcoming conference is on the political dimensions of both the 1st and 3rd Earls of Shaftesbury, and they are interested in any papers on the Colonial proprietorship. The Shaftesbury Project at Erlangen has a website and they give an outline of the 2015 conference– I’m sure if they don’t already know of your work they would be very interested, as I am, to hear about it.

    • Suzannah — Hello! Andrew and I are VERY excited to read your blog comment and we are likewise interested to know about the Shaftesbury Project and the 2015 conference. I think we’d both like to come over for it! Is it alright to email you at your personal email address? I have lots of questions about some research that we need to do– where documents are located in the UK, etc. Many thanks for your e-mail!!!

      • Suzannah says:

        Hi Katherine,
        I’d love to hear from you — I’ve been corresponding with Andrew since as well. So, feel free to e-mail

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